Invited speakers

Pilar Salgado

University of Santiago de Compostela - Spain -

Multiphysics simulation of electrical upsetting processes: Focus on modelling and numerical analysis of the electromagnetic submodel

Benoît Vanderheyden

Université de Liège - Belgium -

Finite element models for type-II superconductors: constitutive laws and formulations

Wil Schilders

TU Eindhoven - The Netherlands -

The key role of mathematics in the electronics industry

Prof. Dr. Wil Schilders (TU Eindhoven) will hold a public lecture on Monday evening, followed by a reception.

Martina Busetto, Christoph Winkelmann

ABB Switzerland Corporate Research - Switzerland -

Modelling, methods development and scientific computing at ABB

Giuseppe Alì

Università della Calabria- Italy -

Semiconductor device models from the perspective of an applied mathematician

Dimitrios Loukrezis

Siemens AG and TU Darmstadt - Germany -

The role of uncertainty quantification in electromagnetic simulation

Vandana Dwarka

TU Delft- The Netherlands -

Towards fast and scalable iterative solvers for indefinite systems arising in electromagnetic simulations

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