Presentation guideline

Invited talk

The time reserved for an invited talk is 40 min (talk) + 5 min (questions) = 45 min. Any invited talk is expected to have enough tutorial content, too, that is, not complicated formulas, only. Naturally, however, since SCEE is a scientific conference, the talk can also include some "tough science", where appropriate. Please see all other details from the guidelines for oral presentation given below.

Oral presentation

The time reserved for an oral presentation is 15 min (talk) + 5 min (questions) = 20 min. Please note that the audience has a rather diverse background. Therefore, reserve also some time for explaining the background and motivation of your work, before going into the scientific/technical details.

The lecture hall is equipped with a digital projector, local PC (MS Windows operating system with Adobe Acrobat Reader & MS Powerpoint), and overhead projector. So, the following presentation (slide) formats are supported: Portable Document Format (pdf) and MS Powerpoint (ppt and pttx) You may bring a USB stick or your own laptop computer containing the presentation file. The computer assistant will load your presentation file into the local PC, i.e. using the own laptop for the presentation is not foreseen to avoid loss of time by technical problems.

Please have a look at the program to see which day and time you are presenting. Please show up at the Lecture hall about 10 minutes before the beginning of your session and contact both the computer assistant and the session chairman.

Poster presentation

The overall poster presentation consists of two presentations: a short poster presentation of 2 minutes and the actual poster presentation in front of your poster.

Short poster presentation (2 min & 1-2 slides per person)

Here, the purpose is just to draw attention to your actual poster. You will have no more time than two (2) minutes. So, please focus on interesting things like problem definition, solution method, and results. (Do not waste your 120 seconds for sentences like "I come from institute A, division B, group C, and this work is based on a collaboration between institutes A, D, and E via the projects F, G, and H during years X-Y" or for null statements like "If you are interested, then please come to see my poster".) In any case, stop talking immediately when the chairman signals.

IMPORTANT: Here (as opposed to a 20 min oral talk), your 1-2 slides should be sent to the organizers at least one day before the presentation. The organizers will concatenate the slides in order to enable a fluent flow of about 20 presentations in 40 minutes! Well ahead of the session, you will be informed about the order of presentations.

Actual poster presentation (65 min in front of your poster)

The available poster-board space for poster presentation is enough for an A1-size poster (59.4 x 84.1 cm) or even A0-size poster (84.1 x 118.9 cm). The organizers will provide the needles, etc. for attaching/fixing the posters.

It is strongly recommended that you create a single large A0 poster (on paper or on tissue).

Please have a look at the program to see which day and times you are presenting.

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