Invitation for bids SCEE 2026 conference


The SCEE Foundation aims to bring together scientists – mathematicians and electrical engineers, from universities and industry – with the goal of intensive discussions on Computational Science and Engineering, and to stimulate young researchers to actively participate in SCEE conferences and related events. The SCEE conferences take place every two years, in the even years.

After a rich history of 14 conferences, the SCEE series is firmly established. In March 2024, the 15th conference will be held in Darmstadt, and during that conference we would like to announce the venue for the 16th edition. For this reason, we now invite bids to organize SCEE 2026. Bids should contain the following aspects, suggested is that you send the bid in the form of a presentation:

• The organisation (university, company) in charge • The main people in the local organising committee • A description of the venue with some photographs • A preliminary budget • Possibilities for the outing (usually half a day)

Bids should be sent to the secretary of the standing committee, Prof. Gabriela Ciuprina, at the address: . The deadline for sending bids is January 31, 2024. You will be notified in February about the decision of the SCEE Standing Committee.

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