SCEE 2022 - Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: Will the conference be an onsite event? Is it possible that it will turn into an online one?
    A: The conference is planned to be a physical event. The COVID-19 situation in The Netherlands is very favorable, with a vaccination degree of around 85%. Many restrictions have been elevated as of September 25, 2021, a temporary new measure (which is expected to disappear in November) is that cafes and restaurants need to ask for your QR code, proving you are either vaccinated, had a negative test result or are cured from corona. Mouth masks are not necessary anymore in most places. Clearly, we will sharply monitor the developments with regards to COVID-19, and keep potential participants informed about the situation. If the situation deteriorates, which is not expected, we will turn the conference into an online event, and registered participants will receive a 50% refund.
  2. Q: Where can I find official regulations referring to COVID-19 ?
    A: Official information about specific COVID-19 regulations can be found on the webpage of the Dutch Government. You can also check the web pages in your own country, to see which regulations or restrictions apply.
  3. Q: I registered on the website but did not receive the confirmation email. What should I do?
    A: The first step is to check that the email address you provided is correct. Also, please check your Spam folder for the confirmation email. Sometimes the security system of your institutional email server prevents the email from being received. If so, then you may either use a personal email address or check with your IT department.
  4. Q: Does the registration procedure on the site involve payment?
    A: No, during the registration you are only asked to provide affiliation data. You can pay later on, as well as edit your registration data.

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