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1. Attention attendees with poster presentations! Please send one pdf with the 1-2 slides to (subject: short poster presentation), no later than one day before the poster session. Organizers will concatenate all these pdf's into one that will be used during the short poster presentation. For details see SCEE 2022/presentation guidelines.

2. All registered participants will receive the Book of Abstracts by email prior to the conference start.

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SCEE 2022 - Amsterdam, July 11-14

Monday, July 11, 2022:

09.00-09.15: Opening ceremony

Computational Electromagnetics session

09.15-10.00: KEYNOTE Ulla van Rienen, "Some highlights from Computational Electromagnetics @ SCEE"

10.00-10.20: Ralf Hiptmair and Piyush Panchal, "Electrostatic Force Computation with Boundary Element Methods"

10.20-10.40: Fahimeh Sepehripour, Bastiaan Pieter de Hon and Martijn Constant van Beurden, "Enhancing the computational speed of the modal Green function for the electric-field integral equation for a body of revolution"

10.40-11.00: M. Greta Ruppert, Yvonne Späck-Leigsnering, Julian Buschbaum and Herbert De Gersem, "Sensitivity Calculation Based on the Adjoint Variable Method for the Nonlinear EQS Cable Joint Problem"

11.00-11.30: COFFEE BREAK

Computational mathematics session: model order reduction

11.30-11.50: Tommaso Bradde, Alessandro Zanco and Stefano Grivet-Talocia, "Data-driven model order reduction of parameterized dissipative Linear Time-Invariant systems"

11.50-12.10: Pascal den Boef, Jos Maubach, Wil Schilders and Nathan van de Wouw, "On Model Order Reduction for Thermo-Mechanical Reliability Optimization of Electronic Products"

12.10-12.30: Armin Galetzka, Niklas Georg, Dimitrios Loukrezis and Ulrich Römer. h-p adaptive Leja collocation for surrogate modeling and uncertainty quantification"

12.30-13.30: LUNCH

Circuit and device simulation session

13.30-14.15: KEYNOTE Ricardo Riaza, "A projective-based formalism for symmetric modeling of electrical circuits

14.15-14.35: Armin Galetzka, Dimitrios Loukrezis and Herbert De Gersem, "Circuit simulation with a data-driven modified nodal analysis solver"

14.35-14.55: Giovanni Nastasi and Vittorio Romano, "Simulation of a GNR-FET"

14.55-15.15: Malak Diab and Caren Tischendorf, "Splitting Methods for Coupled Field-Circuit DAEs"

15.15-15.45: COFFEE BREAK

Coupled problems session: port-Hamiltonian systems

15.45-16.30: KEYNOTE Michael Günther, "Port-Hamiltonian Systems: a useful approach in electrical engineering?"

16.30-16.50: Lena Scholz, John D. Pryce and Nedialko Nedialkov, "On a new compact port-Hamiltonian Electrical Circuit Model"

16.50-17.10: Daniel Ioan and Gabriela Ciuprina, "Bond graphs description of Hamiltonian multiphysics distributed systems with a finite number of ports"

17.10-17.30: Ruxandra Barbulescu, Harshit Bansal and Luis Miguel Silveira, "Port-Hamiltonian formulation for the nonlinear Ranvier node"

17.30-18.00: ROMSOC special session (

17.30-18.00: UNRAVEL special session (

Tuesday, July 12, 2022:

Computational electromagnetics session

09.00-09.45: KEYNOTE Idoia Cortes Garcia, "Multiphysical Modelling and Co-Simulation of Superconducting Magnets in Accelerator Circuits"

09.45-10.05: Roeland Johannes Dilz and Martijn Constant van Beurden, "Simulation of Perfect electric conductors in a spatial spectral domain integral equation"

10.05-10.25: Gabriela Ciuprina, Daniel Ioan and Ruth Sabariego, "Full-wave dual formulations with electric circuit element boundary conditions"

10.25-11.00: COFFEE BREAK

Computational mathematics session

11.00-11.20: Vivek Parekh, Dominik Flore and Sebastian Schöps, "Performance analysis of Electrical Machines based on Electromagnetic System Characterization using Deep Learning"

11.20-11.40: Kilian Bihannic, Jeremy Omer, Renaud Loison and Guillaume Reille, "Bayesian Optimisation of a Frequency Selective Surface using a Penalised Objective Function"

11.40-12.00: Niklas Georg, Julien Bect, Ulrich Römer and Sebastian Schöps, "Learning of Frequency Response Functions in Electrical Engineering"

12.00-12.20: Ligang Sun, Roeland Dilz and Martijn C. van Beurden, "A note on Gabor coefficient computing with Taylor series expansion"

12.20-12.40: Anna Ziegler, Melina Merkel, Peter Gangl and Sebastian Schöps, "Isogeometric Shape Derivatives for Automatic Mode Recognition"

12.40-13.45: LUNCH



Wednesday, July 13, 2022: INDUSTRY MORNING/ECMI SIG MSOEE session

09.00-09.45: KEYNOTE Liesbeth Vanherpe, "Scientific computing at ASML"

09.45-10.30: KEYNOTE Andras Poppe, "Creating new multi-domain digital twins of LEDs with an attempt to describe their ageing for predictive maintenance schemes"

10.30-11.00: COFFEE BREAK

11.00-11.20: Arif Can Gungor, Hande Ibili, Jasmin Smajic and Juerg Leuthold, "Time Domain Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation of a Nonlinear Electro-optical Mixer"

11.20-11.40: Alessio Cesarano, Peter Gangl and Charles Dapogny, "Space-time simulation and shape optimization of rotating electric machines"

11.40-12.00: Melina Merkel, Bernard Kapidani, Sebastian Schöps and Rafael Vázquez, "An Isogeometric Tree-Cotree Gauge for Rotating Electric Machine Models with nonconforming Interfaces"

12.00-12.20: Vsevolod Shashkov, Herbert Egger and Idoia Cortes Garcia, "MONA – A magnetic oriented nodal analysis for electric circuits"

12.20-12.45: GROUP PHOTO

12.45-14.00: LUNCH

Computational mathematics session: uncertainty quantification

14.00-14.20: Roland Pulch, "Sensitivity Analysis of Random Linear Dynamical Models using System Norms"

14.20-14.40: Jürgen Dölz, "Isogeometric multilevel methods for the uncertainty quantification in scattering problems"

14.40-15.00: Sosoho-Abasi Udongwo, Shahnam Gorgi Zadeh, Ursula van Rienen and Piotr Adam Putek, "Variance-based multi-objective design optimization of a TESLA-shaped cavity under uncertainties"

15.00-15.30: COFFEE BREAK

15.30-16.10: POSTER BLITZ

16.10-17.15: POSTER SESSION (see list of posters below)

17.15-18.00: KEYNOTE Carolina Urzúa Torres, "Boundary element methods for electromagnetic scattering at complex geometries"


Thursday, July 14, 2022:

Computational mathematics session: machine learning

09.00-09.45: KEYNOTE Fernando Henriquez, "ReLU Neural Network Galerkin Boundary Element Method"

09.45-10.05: Ruxandra Barbulescu, Gabriela Ciuprina, Anton Duca and L. Miguel Silveira, "Machine learning techniques to model highly nonlinear multi-field dynamics"

10.05-10.25: Anna Shalova, Wil Schilders and Laura Iapicino, "Stable Continuous-Time Neural Networks for Input-Output Systems Modeling"

10.25-10.45: Dimitrios Karachalios, Victor Gosea and Athanasios Antoulas, "Surrogate simulators for identifying bilinear systems from input-output data with neural network"

10.45-11.20: COFFEE BREAK

Computational electromagnetics session

11.20-11:40: Bogdan Radu and Herbert Egger, "A second order finite element method with mass lumping for Maxwell’s equations on tetrahedra"

11.40-12.00: Nicolas Marsic and Herbert De Gersem, "Transmission operators for the non-overlapping Schwarz method optimized for rectangular cavities"

12.00-12.20: Bernard Kapidani and Rafael Vazquez Hernandez, "High-order Spline Geometric Methods for time integration of the Maxwell equations"

12.20-12.40: Julien Dular, Mané Harutyunyan, Christophe Geuzaine, Sebastian Schöps and Benoît Vanderheyden, "A mixed formulation for the modeling of systems with high-temperature superconductors and ferromagnets"

12.40-12.50: Closing of conference

12.50-14.00: LUNCH

14.00-17.00: ECMI SIG MSOEE meeting

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